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Bai Ya Nang

Bai-Ya-Nang (also: Bai-Yanang, Tiliacora Triandra, Yanang)

Price: 25 Baht / 600ml

Most natural herbal remedies and the herbs themselves lack a significant amount of hard scientific study to reference for this website. English language studies of Bai-Ya-Nang are not as common. There is much more available in Thai language that we hope will be translated over time to English. We attempt to provide here some of what appears to be responsible online content with links to the sources, plus our personal experiences and feedback from friends and customers over the past 5 years.

As described on the webpage "History: The Beginning" Noi's 5 years of intensive study, research, experimentation and final success with her Bai-Ya-Nang juice came as a result of her being diagnosed with cancer plus the loss of her brother and father to cancer. This business venture is truly a "Labor of Love" and a desire to help people improve their health through understanding the benefits of natural herbs when properly processed and understood. Noi currently sells Bai-Yanang, Khow Tong, Pennywort, and Triphala juice and she is continually experimenting and studying other Thai herbs with an eye to adding more to her list of available healthy products, over time. There are no shortcuts taken and she understands well what she is making available. Noi really enjoys sharing with people who have an interest in this area so please do not hesitate to contact her or visit her store. [link to map page]

CAUTIONS: None we are aware of:  Noi and many of her family & friends have been drinking her Bai-YaNang juice for over 4 years, other juices for 2-3 years. Only positive (to neutral) results have been experienced to date. The same can be said of her many customers according to the ongoing feedback received. This is not to say that all juices are suited for everyone as each person has different needs and body chemistry. We are just saying that to date after 5 years of experience and hundreds of past customers all feedback has been positive, or at worst neutral (no noticeable effect). We are not doctors or professional scientists so use your own discretion when taking any new substance. Your body will tell you what it wants so PAY ATTENTION, listen to what your body tells you and do not expect miracles. Long term health issues normally do not clear up overnight. A change of diet and lifestyle and proper rest may be necessary in combination with healthy herbs to bring your body back to a healthy state.

We rely on information about Bai-Ya-nang from the following sources: Internet, Thai people who work with Thai herbs or have past experience & knowledge, our personal experience using the product, and feedback from customers. Customer feedback can be found at "History: The Beginning" [link] below are short quotes from online websites and online studies with a link to the source.

"Tiliacora triandra Extract traditional Southeast Asian medicine, it has been used as an herbal medicine for fever relief, alcohol intoxication, anti-inflamation, antioxidant, anti-cancer and anti-bacterial. Yanang leaves contain polyphenols, flavenoids, alkaloids, B-carotene and minerals such as calcium and iron."
- Antioxidant and lessening free radical damage
- Anti-inflammatory activity.
- Reduces, risk of cancer and tumor formation
- Anti-bacterial, Anti-fungal


 (From the US National Library of Medicine – National Institutes of Health)
J Med Assoc Thai. 2011 Dec;94 Suppl 7:S172-7.

Antimicrobial activity of the extracts from Benchalokawichian remedy and its components.

Nuaeissara S1, Kondo S, Itharat A.

Author information



Infectious diseases cause serious health problems worldwide due to multiresistant bacterial strains. Thai traditional formula such as Benchalokawichian remedy has been used to relieve fever, common cold and influenza. The remedy has been scientifically proved for antipyretic and antiseptic activities. However; the remedy and its components have not been fully studied for antimicrobial activity against pathogenic bacteria.


To determine antimicrobial activity of extracts from Benchalokawichian remedy and its components against clinical isolates by disk diffusion method.


The bacterial strains used in the present study were clinical isolates from Thammasat Hospital, Thailand. The ethanolic and water extracts of Benchalokawichian remedy and its components were screened for antimicrobial activity. The tests were performed in triplicate. The results were recorded by measuring diameter of growth inhibition zone. Means +/- SD of the obtained results were calculated.


The results of antimicrobial activity demonstrated that the ethanolic extracts of Benchalokawichian remedy and its components were effective against Candida albicans, Gram positive and Gram negative bacteria except some isolates. Tiliacora triandra and Clerodendrum petasites exhibited the most effective antimicrobial activity among other ethanolic extracts. The water extracts of Capparis micracantha, Tiliacora triandra and Harrisonia perforata were able to inhibit the tested strains. Both etahnolic and water extracts of Tiliacora triandra were the only one component of Benchalokawichian remedy that could inhibit the growth of C. albicans.


The present study provides basic knowledge of the antimicrobial activity of Benchalokawichian remedy and its components. Tiliacora triandra and Clerodendrum petasites were the most effective antimicrobial activity among other ethanolic extracts. They are potential candidates to produce medicinal formula for alternative medicine. Further study on minimum inhibitory concentration and minimum bactericidal concentration assay will be carried out in order to obtain more detailed insightful knowledge to develop medicinal products for treatment of bacterial infection and other infectious diseases.


[PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]

Antioxidant Activity of Northern and Northeastern Thai Foods
Containing Indigenous Vegetables

...The Northeastern foods exhibited wide variation in antioxidant capacity, that ranged from 4.63-176.71 mg VCE/100g (Table 3). Sup ma khuea pro was found to exhibit the highest antioxidant capacity, followed by Kaeng hed langok, 83.85±3.35 mg VCE/100g, in agreement with their high phenolic contents. Four kinds of food, Kaeng dok ma rum, Kaeng pum, Kaeng naw mai bai ya nang and Lap tao, showed similar antioxidant capacity, which ranged from 29.29- 31.94 mg VCE/100g and a phenolics level ranging from 40.54-75.88 mg GAE/100g.


Avon is attempting to patent Bai-Yanang in their line of skin care products

...Bai yanang: Avon claims use of Tiliacora triandra in skin care products in patent application WO2012002950. With no English common name, the plant is usually called bai yanang, or simply yanang, its name in Laos and Thailand. Bai yanang is closely associated with the foods of Laos and the Isan culture of Thailand, where the leaves of this commonly cultivated plant are used in soups. In Vietnam, the plant is used to create a popular jelly.


...In Laos and Thailand, the leaves are extracted with water using both hands rubbing on leaves back and forth until all the green part in the leaves are out in the water, this is called nam yanang (Lao: ນໍ້າຢານາງ; Thai: น้ำย่านาง), meaning "yanang water". The yanang water is used to make bamboo soup.


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