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"The Beginning"

Bai-Ya-Nang (Yanang, Tiliacora Triandra) & Khow Tong (Houttuynia Cordata thunb)

How Noi's Thai Herbs Began - On July 3, 2009 Noi had a cyst removed from her leg that proved to be cancerous (myxoid liposarcoma), we had the lab results independently verified. What made it even more traumatic was she just lost her brother to cancer and lost her father to cancer just a few years prior.

A Lifestyle Change - After her 2nd surgery to ensure all potential cancerous tissue was removed Noi went on a life changing exploration, including: supplementing with vitamins and minerals after consulting with Naturopathic Doctors, study and practice of Yoga & Meditation, and a serious change of diet and lifestyle. Noi especially focused on an intense study & experimentation with various Thai herbs and natural Thai medicines.

Bai-Ya-Nang - The first herb Noi tried that gave her an almost immediate health improvement was Bai-Ya-Nang (Yanang, Tiliacora Triandra). For months after surgery she had pains and cramps in both her legs so bad she could not sit long in front of the computer or behind the wheel of her car. Noi also  suffered from regular headaches. After only a few days of drinking Bai-Ya-Nang juice all pain & discomfort was gone, and her headaches were mostly eliminated. Noi's small variety store has been in the family for over 40 years so she knew many people suffering with various health problems. She gave them samples of her Bai-Ya-Nang juice and the word of mouth advertising from the positive results was pretty dramatic. Noi was giving away so much product that I talked her into selling to those who could afford it. I felt she would go bankrupt unless there was some money coming in for all her time and costs. Noi felt guilty selling something that helped people so we compromised by setting the price at only 20B for 600ml. Those who she knew could not even afford that small amount she discounted or continued to give it away free.

Khow Tong - About a year later at the urging of her customers and many hours of research and experimentation, Noi began making KhowTong juice. The process is similar but it took time to get the taste right, or even acceptable. This juice seems to be especially helpful to cancer patients suffering from the after-effects of Chemo and radiation. Khowtong is even recommended by the Thai government to be used in conjunction with radiation treatments. [LINK below] There is a lot more information & links on the many claimed health benefits on the Khow Tong Page  [link]  of this website.

Triphala (3 fruits): Approximately 2 years ago (from Oct 2014) Noi began getting inquiries about Triphala (she pronounces it ‘dee-palad’). After considerable research she was quite impressed with what she found so began experimenting with making and drinking it. Though most Triphala products on the market are sold worldwide in powder or capsule form (they are seasonal fruits/berries) she acquires the 3 fruits fresh in the Chiang Mai market as they are grown locally. Offseason she uses dried berries to make her juice.

Pennywort:  A couple of years ago (from Oct 2014) Noi began getting requests to make Pennywort Juice (she pronounces it ‘wobo’). There are a great many health claims for Pennywort in ancient cultures as well as by western alternative health practitioners, some of which are quoted on the Pennywort page with links.

Noi’s Aunt makes a product that she refers to as “fruit enzymes tonic” that is available at the store. It has a taste and smell that reminds me of Apple Cider Vinegar. As described to me it is a combination of around 35 fruits that are aged (fermented) a various number of years. Noi’s product is 4 years old. Some people drink it straight (one or two spoons daily), I dilute it around 5 or 10 to 1 with water and sip it. I could not find much on the internet in English, these 2 websites describe something similar except not aged as long.

Customer Feedback

We receive many comments about an improvement in energy and fatigue issues - "I am not tired anymore" etc. is a very common comment. Some women (including Noi) find that the “Fruit Enzyme Tonic” relieves bloating and a “heavy legs” feeling.

We receive ongoing feedback about severe pain relief, sometimes 100% relief of pain and discomfort. Often people talk about stomach pain & stomach cramp relief but we get similar comments about pain relief in many other areas of the body also. A personal friend of mine was in a motorbike accident and did quite a bit of damage to his shoulder. For months he had difficulty sleeping because of the pain. He claimed that after drinking only 2 bottles of Bai-Ya-Nang the pain was gone. The pain came back a couple weeks later so he drank another 2 bottles with the same results. I found this a bit hard to believe but he insisted it was true. This (and other similar examples) causes me to wonder if Bai-Yanang contains some anti-inflammatory ingredients? I really do not know.

There is much more I can say about the ongoing positive feedback from Noi's herbal juice customers, but the above gives you a pretty good idea. Not everyone experiences major changes however, some say they do not notice any changes either way. We are all unique and have unique imbalances that often change over time.

Everyone's body chemistry and mineral/vitamin imbalances are unique so my belief is that the results will be different for everyone. The best approach is likely to make mental notes of your particular condition & symptoms before starting on any herbs and evaluate the situation over time. In our experience we have not received any complaints of negative side-effects due to drinking any of these products, even on a daily basis, but there are some side-effects listed on the links we provide.  Khow Tong is not recommended for: young children, or if you are pregnant or breast feeding on one site. We suggest it is important that you monitor closely any and all new foods/herbs/medicines you introduce into your body.

Many (or most?) famous drugs and medicines are based on ingredients found in herbs/plants/trees/roots. This is an interesting read  Because herbs cannot be patented by Drug Companies (they keep trying to though) they frequently try and mimic the benefits of herbal remedies thru chemical compounds which they can patent. Here is a story about Avon trying to patent Asian medicinal plants including Tiliacora Triandra (Bai-Ya-Nang) for their line of cosmetics and skin care products

My opinion is that it is time to research what our grandparents and their ancestors understood and practiced for their daily health. This is much easier in Asia than for those living in many countries in Europe, and especially all of North America where the pharmaceutical lobby is very powerful.  and

Natural herbs have no lobbyists as they cannot be patented so offer little profits.

Noi and I are not doctors or Professional scientists. We stress that everyone taking and/or drinking anything for their health pay close attention to how their body responds  and adjust accordingly.

More is not always better.

Doug Beiers

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