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Noi's "Fresh Daily" Thai Herbal Juices
Open Monday - Saturday 8.30 am. - 7.00 pm. (Closed some Sundays)

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(Tiliacora Triandra)

Khow Tong

(Houttuynia Cordata thunb)


(three fruits/berries)


(Gotu Kola)

Fruit Enzymes Tonic

No Preservatives Keep Refrigerated – Local Sales Only

Thailand is well known for the common and acceptable use of traditional herbal medicines for general health and in the treatment of disease. Two of the more popular Thai herbs are Bai-Ya-Nang (also Yanang) and Khow Tong (also Khowtong). The leaves of the Bai-Ya-Nang plant are used in various cooking recipes throughout S.E. Asia. In Thailand Bai-Yanang is well known as a healthy herbal drink. This beverage is created by vigorously rubbing the leaves (or blending) in filtered water to remove the chlorophyll and nutrients. Khow Tong leaves (and Pennywort) are processed in the same fashion. Noi makes both drinks "fresh daily" (closed Sunday) at her small variety store in Chiang Mai that she sells for 15-25 Baht per bottle.

Triphala is a mix of 3 fruits/berries grown locally that have some amazing claims by health and alternative health professionals. Noi has been making Triphala for about 2 years now. Visit the Triphala page for more information.
A couple of years ago Noi began getting requests to make Pennywort Juice. There are a great many health claims for Pennywort in ancient cultures as well as by western alternative health practitioners. Visit the Pennywort page for more information.

Noi’s Aunt makes a product that she refers to as “fruit enzymes tonic” that is available at the store. It has a taste and smell that reminds me of Apple Cider Vinegar. As described to me it is a combination of around 35 fruits that are aged (fermented) a various number of years. Noi’s product is 4 years old. Some people drink it straight (one or two spoons daily), I dilute it around 5 or 10 to 1 with water and sip it. I could not find much on the internet, these 2 websites describe something similar except not aged as long.

Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil * Colloidal Silver
Himalayan Salt * Herbal Soap * Chiang Mai Honey
* Pro-Biotic Cleaning Products
MACA Powder * Xylitol * Moringa Products

After 2 months of extensive renovations we re-opened the store in January 2015 with several new product lines in stock offered at very competitive prices. These are mostly products that we use personally and really like: Extra Virgin Organic Coconut Oil, Colloidal Silver Spray, and Himalayan Crystal Salt. We have also added MACA Powder, Xylitol and Moringa Products plus a line of excellent quality handmade “Herbal Soaps” and Honey produced by Apinya. Both are Chiang Mai companies. See our "Other Products" page for more details.

Noi (Phatwara Budjinda) has spent 5 years (as of Oct 2014) in intensive study of various local herbs, especially researching and experimenting with the Bai-Ya-Nang & Khow Tong leaf, and more recently Pennywort and Triphala fruits.
See the History Page for more information on how and why Noi's Thai herbal juice business began.

Noi really enjoys discussing Thai herbs with all who are interested and she is always eager to learn more. Noi takes a personal interest in how her customer’s health issues respond to her herbal juices, so do not be shy to call or come down and talk with her.

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